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Private - referral services

I understand that trying to find the right person to talk to might not be easy. I invite you for the initial meeting, where we can decide whether the kind of therapy that I offer would best meet your needs. 

Although sometimes it takes time to built trust, identify goals and create change, it is also important that you will feel comfortable for me to be part of that journey. There is no obligation to continue the meetings.

In some cases I am able to offer home visits.

Individual Sessions

Every meeting is different and there is no wrong no right answers. 

Every narrative is unique and it is important to take into consideration various aspects of our behaviour, thoughts and feelings. Sometimes the dysfunctional behaviour or distressing thoughts are representations of the system or environment that is fault. We live in a context of mutual influence and interactions with others. 

Without negating the significance of individual internal processes and behaviour I will invite you also to notice your broader interpersonal perspective.

Offer space to reflect and find solution

£80 (60mins)

Couple Counselling

I often hear worry that therapist won't understand what is trully happening when couple is on their own. 

I can reassure you that we will stir up the interaction between you both and I will be able to observe the patterns of yur behaviours from both sides. Then we will look into improving the communication and self-expression.

I will encourage you both to have your say and to share your feelings, if you wish and understand each other. I will help you find solutions into existing difficulties and explore how to make things differently and more satisfying. 

Offers help to restore the relationship

£95 (60-75mins)

Family Meetings

Family sessions can help people who care about each other find ways to communicate better and cope better together with difficulties. 

They offer space for reeducation, reorganisation and resolution of conflicts. Attending sessions together can be an avenue for inducing change and growth as a family.

I will gently provoke you to openly and honestly express what you feel and think or do and then help you expand the awareness of alternate patterns of your behaviours, thoughts and relationships.

Family can be very helpful when dealing with some problems

£95 (60-75mins)

Online Support

Online counselling is proven to be effective and if you live somewhere where it is difficult to get involved into face to face sessions we can explore what other options would be beneficial for you. 

When we agreed a meeting I will provide you with all the details to use Secure Online Video Conferencing Platform.

£80 (60mins)

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